Welcome to MLC Investment Trust

MLC's expertise can be accessed through the MLC Investment Trust, the collective
name for a group of investment products which consists of multi-manager,
multi-sector and single-sector options.

Access the Fund Profile Tool Access the Fund Profile Tool for detailed information about your investment options, including manager and asset allocations, performance and commentary.

Attention: We are moving to a new location

The content on this website will be moving to the NAB Asset Management website, nabam.com.au on Friday 31 May 2019. After this date, when you visit mlcinvestmenttrust.com.au, you will be redirected to nabam.com.au.

We are not making any changes to the existing MLC Wholesale and Private Investment Consulting products and offerings provided on this website. You will still be able to access the same information at the new location.

You are not required to do anything today. If you need any further information or have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us through our details on the Contact Us page.